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    13/09/2014 | rose bowl

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  2. Harry: Brooo remember 50 years ago when I dry humped you on stage    

    Niall: Hahahahaha legend !

  3. 9/13

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  4. Harry was singing it. I repeat. Harry was singing it. 


  5. Straight on point Anon, couldn’t agree more! I’m going to insert here something I already posted earlier:

  6. nikkiarry:

    Pretty sure that’s Harry’s cross necklace, love.

    And “No fucking chill”? I think that’s supposed to be the Narry shipper’s thing.

    At least you tried?

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  7. Excuse me? What did you just say?

    This is what happened right after the dry humping:


    Yeah buddy. Niall looks so fucking disgusted with Harry. So disgusted. Look at him. Disgusted. Bending over like that. Probably ready to vomit. Yup, so disgusted with Harry. I can definitely see that… Or not.

    Are you blind?!?!

  8. After watching around 500 concert videos from last night I have come to only one conclusion. Harry has no chill around Niall. 

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  10. 9/13

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"So you're a monkey Harry?"

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